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Albert Pujols : “60 Minutes”

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St.Louis Cardinals’ first baseman, Albert Pujols appeared on CBS’ “60 Minutes.”

As the show began, Pujols was seen with his wife, Deirdre, at a party for his foundation, the Pujols Family Foundation, the charity the couple launched in 2005. It was inspired by Deirdre’s daughter, Isabella, who was born with Down syndrome.

” She’s my little girl,” he said.

Throughout the episode, CBS reflected on the slugger’s life, his transformation; from unwanted young baseball player to just two years later, winning NL Rookie of the Year. Pujols was born in the Dominican Republic and ended up in New York City 16 years later. Viewers saw him being drafted in the 13th rounds of the 1999 MLB Draft. Major league teams were dismissing Pujols because he was young and right out of high school.

” He was devastated,” Deirdre said.

He was finally drafted by the St.Louis Cardinals, a team he remains on today.

Viewers saw him off the field too. The baseball great is a faithful man (His foundation website reads,”In the Pujols family, God is first. Everything else is a distant second.”) and a charitable member of the community, helping whenever he’s not playing the game that makes him millions of dollars each year.

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