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Bachchans hit the streets to celebrate the win

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Mumbai: Amitabh Bachchan believes that if he watches a cricket match, India will lose. But he not only sat in front of the TV to see the India-Sri Lanka World Cup final on Saturday, also hit the road in open car to celebrate with others when the home team won.
"Me superstitious about watching match coz' we lose... but after 33 for 2 (sic), don't know why, sat in front of TV till the six from (M.S.) Dhoni," he tweeted after India's six wicket victory at the Wankhede Stadium.
"Diya ghuma ke, ghuma ke, ghuma ke!!," he wrote, very excited.

The 68-year-old says he hadn't previously witnessed the kind of euphoria in the city that followed India's victory.
"No one is saying anything...just screaming!! It is bizarre!!! Roads lanes everywhere jammed with people and screams!! Never before!"
"Anhonee ko hooni kar de, honi ko anhonee ! Ek jagah jab jama hon tinoh - Rajni, Gajni aur Dhoni!!!" he tweeted.
The megastar's excitment was evident from the fact that he was simultaneoulsy updating his Twitter page and his blog.
"We won ! We are the World Champions! Yeeeehhhhh!!," he posted on his blog.
Amitabh, too, joined the jubilant crowds with son Abhishek and daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai.
"It is madness outside!! Abhishek, Aishwarya and me on top of the roof of a car, waving tricolor and just screaming!! Hundreds with us."
"We are the world!! Just back from...sitting on top of the roof, waving the tricolor and just screaming!!"
"Delirious with joy! Screamed myself hoarse…Love India and love the Indian team. Full power and god bless…and Much love to Sachin…so so sooooo happy. Team India is the besssstttt," Aishwarya said in a SMS released by her publicist.
Both Abhishek and Aishwarya chose to stay at home to watch the match, instead of going to catch the action live at the Wankhede stadium Saturday. However, Abhishek came out of his house wrapped in an Indian flag. He stood of the sunroof of his car, and celebrated with a whole lot of fans who gathered outside the Bachchan house late at night.
He danced with them, shook hands and waved out - to join in the festivities triggered by India's second World Cup victory after 28 years.

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