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Govt requests Anna Hazare to end his fast

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New Delhi: The Government on Thursday requested veteran social activist and Gandhian to end his fast-unto-death which he has undertaken demanding a stricter anti-corruption law than what is being promised by the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance Government. Union Telecommunications Minister Kapil Sibal made the request on behalf of the Union Government after meeting Hazare supporters - Swami Agnivesh and Arvind Kejriwal - in New Delhi.
"We had a constructive dialogue. The broad parameters have generally been agreed upon. We are all together and against corruption. We are with the civil society. We had talks with Agnivesh. We will talk again at 1:30 pm. We are looking for a solution against corruption. We request Anna to end his fast," said Kapil after meeting Swami Agnivesh and Kejriwal.
Swami Agnivesh expressed satisfaction with the talks and said that Hazare would be conveyed about the Government's stand on the anti-corruption Lokpal Bill.

"We will meet again at 1:30 pm. We will take everyone in confidence. The final decision will be Hazare's. I will convey about the talks to Hazare. The dialogue was positive and constructive," said Agnivesh.

Earlier Sibal had met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the Hazare issue.

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