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Katherine Jenkins and David Garrett perform on Dancing with the Stars

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On Monday night the Dancing with the Stars celebrity cast was joined by some extraordinary talent for Classical week. The soprano Katherine Jenkins was in the house and sang several times live. In addition to this famed performer, David Garrett was also playing the violin for the crowd.

The Dancing with the Stars week had an orchestra of 46 instruments playing live as the performers were working the dance floor. In majestic musical pieces that swept away the dance to another dimension, those in the audience as well as at home were shown a delightful combination of the evening performance.

Katherine Jenkins is a mezzo-soprano who is known worldwide as she has an extraordinary range of musical talents that can be heard in popular songs, theater and even hymns. Born in the Wales, her talent is not only in music but also modeling and acting. She has performed on sporting fields to walking down the catwalk, this entertainer is the full package.

David Garrett is a American and German violinist. Tom Bergeron called him the ‘fastest Violinist’ but his talent is far stretched. He has been playing the violin since age five and his passion in playing the instrument was seen tonight on DWTS. Moving about the stage with poise and delight, he shared several solo numbers while the celebrity contestants danced on the floor in front of him.

Dancing with the Stars fans really got a treat by seeing both performers on the stage Monday. It was an added delight to the Classics week of the reality competition.

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