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Katie Couric: Working with Matt Lauer would be ‘fun’

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A tanned, stiletto-heeled Katie Couric was in town yesterday amid a media blitz over the news that she’s exiting the “CBS Evening News” — and she says she’d love to work with former “Today” show cohort Matt Lauer again.

Couric’s visit to Tufts University came as The New York Times [NYT] reported the ex-“Today” host and CBS are working out “how and when” to end her evening news anchor gig and she’s “pursuing the idea” of a syndicated talk show — possibly with Lauer.

“It’s no secret that Matt and I are really fond of each other. He laughs at my jokes. I laugh at his, but he’s got a commitment to the ‘Today’ show,” Couric told reporters after signing copies of her new tome at the campus bookstore.

“There are no plans right now for us to work together, but maybe someday in the future it would be a fun thing,” Couric said. “Maybe one day. There are a lot of things I’d like to do. I’d like to date George Clooney, so, you know, who knows? I think (Lauer is) a terrific person, but as I said, there are no plans afoot right now.”

Couric’s contract with CBS — reportedly worth $15 million a year — ends in early June, while Lauer reportedly is locked in at NBC through 2012.

Couric plans to appear tomorrow with Lauer on the “Today” show, which she used to co-host with him, to tout her new book, “The Best Advice I Ever Got: Lessons from Extraordinary Lives,” according to the New York Post, which reported that Couric could have a “presence” on “Today” if she strikes a syndication deal with NBC.

Couric — who wore black, gladiator-style high heels and flaunted her legendary legs — headed over to Tufts’ sixth annual Edward R. Murrow journalism forum to field questions from her pal, Loews billionaire bigwig Jonathan Tisch.

Tisch asked where she’s going to tell the taxi driver to take her on June 5 — the day after her CBS contract runs out.

“I do not know and that is the honest truth,” Couric said. “I’m figuring out sort of what I’m going to be doing and I’m excited about the future and weighing some options. I’m right in the thick of it.”

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