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MacLaine spills shoking sex secrets on 'Oprah'

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Shirley MacLaine may be turning 77 later this month, but she still managed to shock the audience at “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” revealing saucy details of her sex life.

On Monday’s show, the Oscar winner admitted she’s “had an awful lot of lovers” and “a lot of awful lovers” in her life, but that wasn’t what made the “Oprah” audience gasp.

“You had love affairs,” Oprah said.

“Yeah, I wasn’t into sexcapades, although I tried it once. I had three people in one day,” MacLaine said to a stunned audience.

The “Terms of Endearment” actress said her three sexual incidents in one day had a political twist.

“It was on a political campaign, where everybody was doing the same thing,” she said with a laugh. “I just didn’t want to be left out.”

Even Winfrey was a little stunned by the news, but quickly turned to asking MacLaine how she scheduled her sexual liaisons.

“How did you arrange that, like one for breakfast, one for later in the day? What?” Winfrey asked.

“Something like that,” MacLaine added.

“But that wasn’t your style?” Winfrey asked.

“Not my style at all. I was a serial monogamist. And had, as I said, many love affairs,” she revealed.

While MacLaine, who was promoting her twelfth book, “I’m Over All That and Other Confessions,” said she often fell for her leading men, one man she didn’t go for was her “The Apartment” co-star Jack Lemmon.

“No. I wasn’t attracted to Jack,” she said. “He was a sweetheart. He was like my Aunt Rose. He didn’t have that dangerous, complicated, sexual dominating confusion that I liked helping the men I was attracted to, figure out.”

She said she wasn’t attracted to her “Terms of Endearment” co-star Jack Nicholson, either.

“Too much for me! No, he’s too much,” she told Winfrey. “I guess I liked the dangerous chemistry if it was controllable. His isn’t! He is authentically dangerous.”

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