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Pattinson cried on the sets of his new film

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Hollywood heartthrob Robert Pattinson says he cried on the sets of his latest film Water For Elephants after completing his shoot with an elephant.

The 24-year-old actor admits he was sad when his animal co-star Tai finished her last day of filming and he shed a tear for the performer, reports said.

"I cried the last day that Tai was on the set of Water For Elephants, and during the film, March of the Penguins," he was quoted saying.

Pattinson cried on the sets of his new film

The actor says he enjoys making movies with animals more than professional actors as there is less pressure.

"I think I have more affinity with animals than with people. For many reasons, I prefer working with animals and children than with actors. Often when you're working with actors, it becomes something almost competitive," he said.

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