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Poonam Pandey in hospital now

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Kingfisher model Poonam Pandey has vowed to run in the buff if India wins the World Cup....

Model Poonam Pandey, who had vowed to strip if India won the World Cup but turned out a no show, is hospitalised for an operation to remove kidney stones, says her publicist.

“She was admitted on Monday night because she was experiencing trouble in her kidney. She is likely to be discharged on
Tuesday night,” said her publicist. “But she will soon speak up,” he added. A couple of hours after this statement, the 20-year-old tweeted, “Be content to act but leave the talking to others”.

Although her phone remained switched off all through the India-Sri Lanka match, she posted a message on Facebook on Monday evening: ‘Hello Friends & Fans All over the World I am SAFE and On cloud 9!!! after INDIA made it :) But for ur Questions Kindly search the Letter Written by me to the BCCI on the net 3 days back!! AND I AM WITH MY COMMITMENTS!! (sic)” In the letter, she requests she could strip in a ”neutral venue like Paris,” but her lawyer Prashant Uchil says, “BCCI has not reverted.”

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