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Freida Pinto was nervous to shoot a sex scene

The first look of Indian actress Freida Pinto's 3D film "Immortals" with actor Mickey Rourke has been released. She was required to shoot a sex scene, which director Tarsem Singh says was a challenge for her.

"Poor girl. It's the first time we see Freida Pinto and guess what - it's a sex scene. It's a delicate situation. We're trying to get all of the lights out so we can create an intimate situation. Only 80 people watching you and 20 of them with video cameras!" thesun.co.uk quoted Singh as saying.

This is the Indian origin director's third feature film after "The Fall" and "The Cell", both of which were released in 2006.

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Freida Pinto was nervous to shoot a sex scene

Freida, who shot to fame with Danny Boyle's Oscar winning film "Slumdog Millionaire", plays priestess Phaedra in the ancient Greek epic "Immortals", while Rourke is cast as an evil King Hyperion, who rallies an army of bloodthirsty soldiers and wages war on humanity on his quest to find the legendary Epirus Bow - a weapon of unimaginable power.

However, his quest hits a roadblock in the form of Pinto's alter-ego and a tough sword-fighting peasant called Theseus played by actor Henry Cavill.

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