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'Ragini MMS' actors unfazed by controversy

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Despite all the controversy surrounding the upcoming film Ragini MMS, the two young actors in the film - Kainaz Motivala and Raj Kumar Yadav are glad they found a producer in Ekta Kapoor.
Kainaz, a South Mumbai resident, who admits she aspired to be a journalist before a film actor, says, "Ekta is the queen of marketing. We are so glad the way everything has shaped up. There has been extensive and very intelligent promotions and marketing around the film. So it should be good." Ragini MMS, a film based on paranormal activities is all set to release on Friday, the 13th, and has been advertised on the backs of autorickshaws as well as in multiplex washooms.
Raj Kumar Yadav who plays Uday in the film is also glad that he and Kainaz were asked to attend workshops in order to hone their acting skills. He explains "The workshops really helped us project the right reactions on our faces during the actual filming. We were locked in dark rooms and were subjected to a lot of strange sounds. We could feel the real emotion of fear." Kainaz adds, "When you are scared, you crave for some sort of company. You become alert. Attending the workshops was a good learning process and helped us during the actual shoot."

Ragini MMS has not only raised eyebrows due to the reported extreme intimate scenes in the film but now, the 'real Ragini' on whom the film is based, a Delhi-based girl called Deepika, is all set to sue the filmmakers. However, Raj Kumar and Kainaz seem unfazed by all the controversy. Kainaz chooses to clarify, "All this is only unnecessary blowing up of things. We are not such actors who want to thrive on all this publicity."

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