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Should have left Bullock sooner: Jesse James

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London: Jesse James says he should have left ex-wife Sandra Bullock before he started cheating on her and should have shown more respect towards her.

James had several affairs during his five-year marriage with the Oscar-winning actress including a relationship with tattoo model Michelle McGee. But admits his behaviour was unacceptable, reports contactmusic.com.

During an appearance on "Piers Morgan Tonight", he said: "I should have done the honourable thing. I should have left her, you know? If I wanted to screw around, I should have, you know, ended it."

Should have left Bullock sooner: Jesse James

Despite his regrets, James who is now engaged to tattoo artist Kat Von D is glad to be out of Bullock's Hollywood world.

Read more at:http://ibnlive.in.com/news/should-have-left-bullock-sooner-jesse-james/152298-8-67.html

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