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US commando clicked dead Osama's picture

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Washington: Soon after shooting dead Osama bin Laden, one of the US commandos took out a camera and clicked the Al Qaeda leader's picture. This was promptly uploaded and sent to analysts to confirm that it was indeed the world's most wanted man, a media report said.

New York Times reported that a member of the US Navy Seals clicked Osama's photograph with a camera and sent it to analysts who fed it into a facial recognition programme to help identify him.

Though one of Osama's wives identified his body, the photograph taken by the commando and processed through facial recognition software suggested a 95 percent certainty that it was Osama.

US commando clicked dead Osama's picture

DNA tests found a 99.9 percent match, the media report said.

Osama was killed by US crack commandos who swooped into Pakistan's Abbottabad city where the Al Qaeda leader was hiding in a massive mansion.

When Osama resisted, he was killed with a single shot to his head. He was later buried at sea.

Read more at:http://ibnlive.in.com/news/us-commando-clicked-dead-osamas-picture/151119-2.html

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