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Imran files a PIL about the 25-year drinking age

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Mumbai: Recently the government raised the age bar for alcohol consumption from 21 to 25 years. This did not go down well with Imran Khan, who now plans to file a public interest litigation against the new regulation.
Imran confirmed to the media that the drafting of the PIL is underway as his legal counselors are working on the litigation. The actor says that by doing this he does not intend to advocate alcohol consumption but feels that the government considers the youth non-discerning. He says that when one gets the right to vote at 18 and elect a government and even marry and have children at the age of 21, to ban people from drinking below the age of 25 is ridiculous.
The Bollywood fraternity voices their opinion on the new rule levied by the government.

Amitabh Bachchan tweets, "On drinking age limit increased to 25 ! Err .. old and mature enough to vote for the country, or join army ..and fight for the nation...but not old and mature enough to be told when you are allowed to drink ???? Strange ?!!!! (sic) ."
Minissha Lamba says, "It's not right. Then you should just ban democracy."
Deepak Dobriyal says, "Restricting anyone does not make any sense. If you can vote when you are 18 then why not drink. People may not go to the bar to drink, but the cut off-age does not stop them from drinking outside."
Former Miss World Diana Hayden says, "I just don't agree with the age restriction."
It's about the right of choice says, Purab Kohli. "I think, if you regard a person an adult at 18 and 21 then why restrict him till 25. It's not even about drinking but the right to choose."
Nauheed Cyrusi says, "We come from a country where rules are not very stringent. Nobody checks license or IDs before entering a club. According to me, it just feels like a number."
Imran says that this law should not be imposed on the youth; it would only make them outlaws. He states that the youth of today should be allowed to choose their own lifestyle and should not be taken for granted.

Read more at:http://ibnlive.in.com/news/imran-files-a-pil-about-the-25year-drinking-age/159640-8-66.html

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