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No plans to create parallel govt.: Hazare

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Rejecting contention that the Lokpal proposed by his group was aimed at creating a “parallel” government, Anna Hazare said he will undertake a fast-unto-death from August 16, and would not be go back on his decision even if the government makes a request.

A day after the joint committee for drafting the Lokpal Bill wound up in failure, the Hazare team lashed out at the government, saying it was “cheating” and “misleading” the people, and had pulled out a “very big hoax” through its version of the legislation.

Mr. Hazare said it was time for all like—minded people, including Ramdev, with whom he was maintaining distance due to his proximity to Hindutva elements, to join hands in the fight against corruption, which he termed a “bigger danger for the country than Pakistan”.

Addressing a press conference here, he took strong exception to the government’s contention that the civil rights activists wanted to create a “parallel” government through their version of the Lokpal Bill.

He retorted by asking if the government considered an “independent” Election Commission or Supreme Court as a parallel.

Alleging that the government had no intent to bring a strong anti—corruption law, Mr. Hazare said, “The suspended agitation (of his fast) will be restarted from August 16 for the nation and the people. I will carry on with the agitation till I live.”

Observing that he had “no faith” in the government now, he said, “even if the government approaches me, I will not change my decision. I will no longer believe their words.”

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