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Pakistan to let Laden's widow return to Yemen

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Islamabad: Officials in Pakistan say the country has agreed to let Osama bin Laden's youngest widow return to her native Yemen. But they would not reveal when she'll leave.
Amal Ahmed Abdullfattah, two other widows and eight of bin Laden's children were detained following the May 2 US raid that killed the al-Qaeda chief in the northwestern Pakistani city of Abbottabad.
A Pakistani security official said on Friday that Pakistan has granted Abdullfattah permission to go home. An official at the Yemeni embassy in Islamabad confirmed an agreement had been reached on her deportation.

Both officials requested anonymity because of the topic's sensitivity.
The security official says Abdullfattah has fully recovered from a bullet that struck her leg during the raid.

Read more at:http://ibnlive.in.com/news/pakistan-to-let-ladens-widow-return-to-yemen/162383-2.html

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