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WATCH: Shannon Tweed Slams Longtime Love Gene Simmons on Live TV

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Looks like the charm of Gene Simmons' rock-star lifestyle has worn off for his longtime girlfriend Shannon Tweed. The couple, who costar with their two children on A&E's reality series Gene Simmons Family Jewels, visited Today on Monday to promote the show's upcoming sixth season. But it was painfully obvious that the Kiss rocker's 28-year relationship with Tweed is on the rocks. And, as Hoda Kotbe and Kathie Lee Gifford looked on incredulously, Tweed declared that her relationship with Simmons is likely over. Watch the incredibly awkward interview below!

Daytime TV hath no fury like a woman scorned! The segment kicks off with a clip from Family Jewels, in which Tweed confronts Simmons about photos of him with two young women that she found on TMZ. When the clip ends, Kotbe asks Simmons to defend his claim that he "didn't know" the young ladies, to which Tweed replies, "What he means is he didn't know their names." Not exactly denying that, Simmons begins to explain that he was with the women for a "business dinner," but Tweed interrupts him by snapping, "Oh please, Gene."
It gets worse from there. As an uncomfortable-looking Simmons tries to change the topic by talking about the weather, cracking jokes and even offering the hosts a breath mint, Tweed declares that he's had flings "with many girls," that the last two years of their relationship have been "a bitch," and that their partnership has "pretty much unraveled."

When asked the obvious question -- didn't Tweed know what she was getting into, dating Kiss's most notorious womanizer? -- she replies that she had simply trusted the father of her children. "You know what your mate tells you to be true," she explains.
Later on, they return to the question of the girls in the TMZ photo, with Simmons offering this defense: "I'd never seen these girls before until my people called them. I was finishing up a real estate deal."
"And you NEED girls for that," Tweed smartly retorts. "Who doesn't need girls to sell a house?"
But what about the children? They're both in college now, says Tweed, and "we held it together" until they left. And as for the hit TV show, Tweed will only say, "You'll see. I'm not gonna give everything away... but it's not looking great."
Yikes. Looks like Family Jewels is going to become yet another painful chronicle of a reality TV family's break-up, in the tradition of the Gosselins and the Hogans. Given how hard that four-minute interview was to watch, we're not sure we can handle a whole season!

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