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Neeraj's body wasn't chopped: Maria's lawyer

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Mumbai: Kannada actress Maria Susairaj's lawyer on Saturday questioned the 300-piece theory given by the police, showing pictures of Neeraj Grover's body.
Addressing the media, lawyer Shaikh M Sharif said, "This press conference is to inform the public about the truth about the case, and both sides of story from the prosecution and defence side."
He claimed that Neeraj's body was intact and not chopped into pieces. He also claimed that there were no burn marks on Neeraj's body.

The lawyer said they will now appeal in the higher court and challenge Maria's conviction in the case for destroying evidence.
While her lawyer defended her, Maria herself spoke just three words, "I am innocent," and said she will not talk more.
Maria's lawyer also made it clear that she is not going to join the film industry, even as film maker Ram Gopal Verma showed interest in casting her in his movie.
Neeraj's friends also staged a protest at Maria's press conference.
After pressure from the media, Maria spoke, but only about her personal life and not about the case. She said only her lawyer will talk about the case.
She said she has left her past behind. "I'm convicted and this is a big stigma in my life," she said. "During my time in jail, I feel blessed to have gotten close to God," Maria said.
Maria Susairaj, sentenced to a three-year jail term in Neeraj Grover murder case - walked free on Saturday.
Susairaj got into a white car right after she was released from jail. There was heavy police cover deployed outside the Byculla Jail.
A Mumbai court had sentenced her for 3 years for destruction of evidence in the gruesome Neeraj Grover murder case, which she has already served.
There's been widespread criticism about the verdict with Neeraj Grover's family calling it an unfair acquittal.
"The way she walks out and the police escorting her, it is all absurd. I spoke to Neeraj's parents, they will be in Mumbai soon. Nobody was expecting Maria to go scotfree," said Morada, Neeraj Grover's friend.
In May 2008, Naval officer Emile Jerome and his fiancee Maria Susairaj were accused of stabbing Neeraj Grover to death, and chopping up his body into as many as 300 pieces and disposing it off.
Three years later, Emile Jerome - convicted of culpable homicide not amounting to murder - got ten years' rigorous imprisonment, for killing Grover in a fit of jealousy.

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