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Norway massacre: Oslo bomb victim had 12 inch wooden spike embedded in head

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SHE stumbled into the street – bewildered and bloodsoaked – in the aftermath of the Oslo bomb.

But as Line Nersnaes met shellshocked colleagues outside the government building virtually destroyed by the blast, she noticed they were staring at her.

And little wonder – for a 12in wooden spike had drilled through Line’s chin and was poking out of her head like a horn.

Incredibly, the 50-year-old adviser in Norway’s Justice Department escaped serious injury.

She told yesterday how she was at her desk on the 11th floor when deranged Anders Breivik detonated his deadly bomb. Line recalled: “Suddenly the window was blown out, the frame flew towards me and I was hit in my head. It went quiet, I was almost deaf. My boss had been thrown off his chair into a shelf. We could barely see each other through the dust.” Line and her manager Knut Fosli made their way down the stairs. As they clambered over debris and glass outside, Line realised she was bleeding heavily.

“In the street people were lying on the ground with their face down,” she said. “It was like hell, a war zone. I realised I was bleeding and I told Knut I had this terrible headache.

“He looked at me and said, ‘You’ve got something sticking out of your head.’ Then everybody looked. There was a stick in my head. It felt like my head was tearing apart. I got so terrified. I’m lucky to be here.” A huge splinter from the window frame had speared up through her chin and out through the top of her head.

She was taken to hospital where doctors delicately removed the spike. Line received 27 stitches and, amazingly, was back home at 8.30pm that evening.

It was then she learned of the horrific Utoya island shooting and that three of her work colleagues were missing. Line was back at work at a temporary office yesterday and said: “We lost colleagues, everything is gone, it’s terrible, unbelievable. I’ve been crying for the dead.”

Eight people died in the blast and police have almost doubled the estimated size of Breivik’s home-made fertiliser device from 500kg to 950kg.

A video taken seconds after the blast shows the enormous crater which was punched into the pavement by Breivik’s rented van.

Christian Tandberg, 32, who was driving past, said: “At first I thought there had been several bombs but then I saw the hole in the ground and realised there had been just one big one. I dared not look into it.”

Police last night ended a six-day search for bodies on Utoya island, where 32-year-old Breivik murdered 68 people after the bomb blast. It is believed there are still a handful of people still missing and a search continues for bodies in the surrounding Tyrifjord lake.

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