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Wrong to deny bail to 2G scam accused: Jaswant

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BJP leader Jaswant Singh has virtually gone against his party line and questioned the manner in which DMK MP Kanimozhi and other 2G spectrum scam accused have been denied bail. Speaking to CNN-IBN Singh said that bail can't be denied while the trial in the case is still on. He further said that putting the accused in jail is affecting investments in India.
Singh added that he is saddened and pained at the plight of parliamentarians in jail, claiming scams and related developments have hurt India's image abroad.
Singh said that BJP is not asking for keeping the guilty "permanently" in jail and the party only wants the guilty to be punished.
Below is the transcript of the interview:
Bhupendra Chaubey: Are you saying that this prolonged stay of the big bureaucrats in the jails is largely happening because of the media pressure that is being built. Is that unfair?
Jaswant Singh: I personally feel. I am not a jurist/lawyer either by training or by preference. There are too many lawyers in Parliament. I feel that if somebody has been charged and that charge is not of a heinous nature like robbery, murder or any such thing and when trial is on, then that somebody should not be kept in the prison because you can't permanently deny bail. Bail by itself is a citizen's right unless he is charged with such a crime that it must not be permitted.
Bhupendra Chaubey: Then are you saying that the likes of A Raja, Kanimozhi, senior telecom officials, because the trial is still going on, they shouldn't be behind the bars?
Jaswant Singh: The trial is already on.
Bhupendra Chaubey: So while the trial is on they shouldn't be behind the bars?
Jaswant Singh: Why they should be? In what fashion are they interfering?
Bhupendra Chaubey: Many would say that the point that you are trying to make is something that is in variance to the campaign that your own party has launched.
Jaswant Singh: That's a different matter. I am speaking as an individual. I am not speaking for the party. I don't think the BJP has said that keep them permanently in the jail. The BJP has said that punish the guilty.
Bhupendra Chaubey: External agencies like foreign institutional investors will be looking at these development. Do you think the big corporate story India was known for, does that story take a hit?
Jaswant Singh: Of course, inevitably. I think the PM refers to it. As cynicism spreads, investment would dry up. I do believe investment would dry up; internal as well as FDI.

Read more at:http://ibnlive.in.com/news/wrong-to-deny-bail-to-2g-scam-accused-jaswant/164186-37-64.html

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