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WikiLeaks: First, Rahul was 'empty suit,' then he won lavish praise

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New Delhi: After the general election in 2009, a cable sent by the US embassy in Delhi offered lavish praise for Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. The American assessment said that "Gandhi came off as a practiced politician who knew how to get his message across and was comfortable with the nuts and bolts of party organization and vote counting. He was precise and articulate and demonstrated a mastery that belied the image some have of Gandhi as a dilettante."

That cable, sent on May 27, 2009 by US Charges D' Affaires Peter Burleigh was in stark contrast to the Americans' assessment of Mr Gandhi two years earlier, when he had been appointed General Secretary of the Congress.

"Little is known about Rahul Gandhi's personal political beliefs, if any. He is reticent in public, has shunned the spotlight, and has yet to make any significant intervention in Parliament. His singular foray to center stage during the UP elections was unremarkable.

He is widely viewed as an empty suit and will have to prove wrong those who dismiss him as a lightweight," said a cable sent by US envoy David Mulford, dated October 23, 2007.

Mr Mulford was more impressed with other Gen Next MPs within the Congress. " As for the younger MPs who have been promoted, they are smart, articulate and energetic. Their ascension makes for a good story-line. Their achievement and success during the last three years and half years, however, has been modest," said the cable.

Read more at: http://www.ndtv.com/article/wikileaks-revelations/wikileaks-first-rahul-was-empty-suit-then-he-won-lavish-praise-131432

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