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'Don 2' has scenes which no one will expect: SRK

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Mumbai: The crew of 'Don 2' get talking to CNN-IBN about the making of the movie. They also share funny experiences on set and how the lead character Don's catchy dialogues were created.
'Don 2' is set to release on December 23, and the cast and crew of the movie are upbeat about this sequel.
Here's the full transcript of the interview:
CNN-IBN: Whoever said “Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai” got it all wrong. Here I am standing outside Shah Rukh Khan’s vanity van and I am going make impossible possible for you. So Come lets go and chat with cast and crew of ‘Don 2’. Come along
Farhan you have kept the audience for waiting for five long years. What took you so long to make ‘Don 2’?
Farhan Akhtar : I wanted to test their patience, that’s very important. But no, you need to find right story and you need to get excited by the right idea. When that came along, we decided to go ahead and do it. It could have possibly happened a year earlier but I think Shah Rukh had a shoulder injury. So it got delayed, but ya just wait for the right idea and right story.
CNN-IBN: We love your attitude and style in the film, what with the long hair braided. Of course the hair, the stuble, the smoke and the trademark glasses, the women are also loving it. So personally did you have fun spotting the long haired look?
Shah Rukh Khan : Ya. The nicest part of my long healthy hair is that you can lie on a girl’s lap, and tickle her nose with your hair. That’s the quirk I have, that’s really nice, its something that I always wanted to do.
Priyanka Chopra : How romantic? Tickle her nose with my hair. So Romantic.
Shah Rukh Khan : While lying in a girl’s lap that’s something I have done repeatedly in ‘Don 2’. Repeatedly in this film Don keeps doing this. Whenever he is disturbed, angry emotionally, he feels highly strong about this.
And otherwise I really enjoyed it because you know I would just like to mention from ‘Don 1’ the last twenty minutes of the film, the last four or five minutes of the film, is what actually Farhan has written originally, you know trying to keep film straight. And I think that is really the most exciting part of the remake we did. That is the most original and most exciting and most unexpected
Priyanka Chopra : People didn’t expected
Shah Rukh Khan : Farhan was very keen that in the first part of the film, when I am sure I have a different look because I must have escaped and kind of laid low and whatever. And than we tried some looks and send some pictures to him in Malaysia. We drove down from the airport about an hour and half and I was like little worried, you know how would turn out. And it was very scratchy, Priyanka scratched my hair through out the drive. You know I had to take a pen and keep on scratching and scratching that is the only problem with that long hair, otherwise it’s nice. And the girls kept calling me saying “can you please tickle our nose with your pony tail.”
Priyanka Chopra : Tickle her
CNN-IBN: I had long hair
Priyanka Chopra : No tickle her
Shah Rukh Khan : No not from your pony but my pony tail. Is it good?
CNN-IBN: I think I am scared, Ok sorry even.
Shah Rukh Khan : Now, you cannot escape from my charm, I will come in your dreams.
CNN-IBN: Ok a lot is been spoken about action in ‘Don 2’. You have gone to exotic locations and does even there was a sequence in Berlin, where you jumped off a very tall building. Is that true?
Shah Rukh Khan : Aaa Yes
Priyanka Chopra : It is true
Shah Rukh Khan : Ya, it is true that I did jumped off. But I said I won’t until Farhan showed me and he did. So I was little kind of scares, it was my first day, it was cold. So there was this shot they showed me how my whole body has to be horizontal like parallel to the ground. And I was showing it to Farhan which was only about half-a-foot and I had to this for four-hundred-feet jump. So I was just showing at the height of half-a-foot and I had slipped and fallen on my face, ‘fichh’ like that and everybody including the fight master who was told that Shah Rukh is really good with this, he’s like ‘aaah’. He was holding me from my back and I slipped like this ‘aahh’. It was most embarrassing fall.
Farhan Akhtar : It was funny, really funny because his harness was in the middle of his back right and that harness was there so that if he should fall, he should not touch the ground. So he was swinging above two inches of the ground.
CNN-IBN: Farhan was it difficult for you to actually don the director’s hat after five years, after you know you been used to being on-screen now?
Farhan Akhtar : No, no really I really didn’t feel that the break has been this long to start with. And again it was we were in familiar territory, in terms of working with the same lot of people that I just worked on as a director before, the same characters, of course evolved, but the same characters. I mean it felt very comfortable to get back into the same film and to the same level. And do it again and I didn’t miss it, I didn’t miss it, it didn’t feel that long to be missed.
CNN-IBN: You have a lot of action sequences in the film as well?
Priyanka Chopra : Well I play a cop in the movie and I won’t say I have lot of action.
Farhan Akhtar : But you have more action in this film you have did in first film.
Shah Rukh Khan : Ya ya
Priyanka Chopra : Ya I do have
Shah Rukh Khan : That was the only one fight in the train.
Priyanka Chopra : Ya
Farhan Akhtar : Ya that was only
Shah Rukh Khan : This one you have a lot of fights.
Priyanka Chopra : Ya in this one I have action that’s beat up really, its very exciting . I was very excited.
Farhan Akhtar : Do you remember that fight when Shah Rukh was telling you that it is very important that you scream? So when you hit like ‘haah’ you know so that you get that power.
Priyanka Chopra : You know I do that but with girl’s its shrill.
CNN-IBN: It sounds more like a cat.
Shah Rukh Khan : Wild cat, Junglee Billi.
Priyanka Chopra : Ya I was trying very hard to make it sound really tough.
Shah Rukh Khan : Now it was really difficult for the guy she is beating up because he would start laughing.
Priyanka Chopra : I was really get scared to hit because you know you suppose to act like hitting and I don’t know how to do that because I am not used to do that. So, both of them tried to teach me how to do that.
Shah Rukh Khan : Show that it to Piya, show that, come on hit on me.
CNN-IBN: Oh I got nervous, not on me.
Priyanka Chopra : Hit SRK.
Shah Rukh Khan : Come on hit once again .
Priyanka Chopra : Sorry, I will do it.
Shah Rukh Khan : Priyanka slapped Shah Rukh (Priyanka ne Shah Rukh ko thappad maara, mara mara )
Priyanka Chopra : Breaking news (Sansani Khabar)
CNN-IBN: Alright. So Priyanka do you like the tag being called Junglee Billi?
Priyanka Chopra : Ya, I mean I'm feline, I am sexy and I am extremely dangerous.
Shah Rukh Khan : and people call me Junglee Kutta, and I like it.
Priyanka Chopra : And do you want to tell the reasons why? I don’t think so.
CNN-IBN: Yes, yes please
Priyanka Chopra : No, no I can’t dare, you can ask him. Why do people call you Junglee Kutta?
CNN-IBN: The ‘Don’ in 2006 had lot of dialogues that were taken from Amitabh Bachchan’s starrer but this has completely new langue. Did you love the lines that were given to you, sir?
Shah Rukh Khan : Sir bahut sharif sa lagta hai call me DON.
CNN-IBN: I was just waiting for that
Shah Rukh Khan : Me also, but I think that whole credit goes to Farhan. I remember when he was writing the script he called me in the middle and said my favourite dialogue in the film - aap meri maa ko nahi jante- and that is really the coolest bad guy line in the world. I think it’s as cool as you talking to me.
CNN-IBN: Unfortunately this film is also gone to the legal tangle. Nariman films said they didn’t give you the right to make the sequel. What would have to say about that?
Ritesh Sidhwani : I think it become a trend now a days, that every time a movie is out they go to court.
Shah Rukh Khan : But in all coolness I would like to say Don ke dushman ki sabse badi galti yeh hai ki wo Don ka dushman hai. Please don’t sue us for this.
CNN-IBN: Not bad not bad, thank you so much it was lovely chatting with you all and all the best for ‘Don 2’ on 23rd of December.
Shah Rukh Khan : Would you like another tickle?

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