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Anna's fast may not be satyagraha for all: Bombay HC

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Mumbai: The Bombay High Court came down heavily on Anna Hazare and his team, who had sought permission to use the MMRDA grounds in Mumbai for his fast, saying that the court "cannot allow parallel canvassing when Parliament is seized with a debate on the Lokpal Bill".
The court questioned, "Wouldn't your stir interfere with the functioning of Parliament?"
The court also said that if Team Anna have got permission to use the Ramlila Maidan in Delhi, they should stage their protest there. "If Ramlila Ground is available, why don't you hold your fast there," High Court judge PB Majmudar asked Team Anna's lawyer.
"Public opinion can be created in the entire country, so why are they insisting on this place?" the judge asked. He also told Team Anna that they were expecting too much from the government.
The lawyer of India Against Corruption (IAC) argued that whether they should be given MMRDA grounds free or at concessional rates or the other gates of Azad Maidan should be opened.
However, the judge said that Azad Maidan was free, so Team Anna's argument that the government was stopping them was incorrect.
The Bombay High Court has explicitly asked the government pleader to ask the Maharashtra government whether the other gates of Azad Maidan can be opened, but not as a suggestion from the court, just as a procedural question.
The judge also said people in Mumbai are very sensitive about noise pollution due to rallies. "What is Satyagraha to you may not be for others. There will be people who may not want your Satyagraha," the HC judge said.
Hazare and his team have been denied permission for using the sports ground adjoining the Azad Maidan in Mumbai. The part of Azad Maidan that Team Anna can use can only accommodate 3000 to 4000 people.
Team Anna has been unable to get Mumbai's MMRDA grounds, which can accommodate a crowd of up to 1 lakh due to the steep rent. With over Rs 19 lakh to be paid for five days at MMRDA grounds, and no government concessions in sight, Team Anna has been inclined to use Azad Maidan.
Meanwhile, the Delhi Police has given permission to Team Anna to hold protest at the Ramlila Grounds in Delhi from December 27. However, Team Anna member Kiran Bedi said that considering the weather in Delhi, the venue is out of question as it is not suitable for Hazare, considering his age.
Hazare has also made it clear that he will go to jail if he does not get a place to protest.

Source : http://ibnlive.in.com/news/annas-fast-may-not-be-satyagraha-for-all-hc/214503-3.html

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