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Ex-Army chief General Shankar Roychowdhury backs General VK Singh in age row

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New Delhi: In the government vs Army Chief row, former army chief General Shankar Roychowdhury has come out in support of General VK Singh becoming the first former Chief of Army Staff to do so. He said that Defence Minister AK Antony should have overruled his bureaucrats in the age row.

He feels that the government should have acted with more understanding on the VK Singh age controversy. Speaking on this week's 'Devil's Advocate' to Karan Thapar, he said Defence Minister should have ideally overruled his bureaucrats who were advising him on the matter.

"I wouldn't want to name names but certainly the government could have handled the case better with having regard and respect for a chief of a service. I think they should have shown more understanding rather than go by the pages of an order which directs that if you go by change of birth you should have out it in before completion of five years of service. They should have given it more consideration," he said.

When asked whether the government should be blamed for the controversy, he said, "I would not say that in respect of the Defence Minister because he is a very fine person. But certainly the Ministry of Defence which is the arm of the government which more or less controls the defence services. They have been guilty of not putting a broad approach to it."

Holding the civil servants responsible, he said, "This is a case where the minister also should have exercised his judgement and taken a decision on the case. Perhaps, he should have overruled the bureaucratic advice he was getting. That would have been better."

Source : http://ibnlive.in.com/news/exarmy-chief-backs-gen-singh-in-age-row/223064-3.html

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