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Anna issues ultimatum to govt on Lokpal

New Delhi: Anna Hazare and his supporters ended the one day token fast to protest the police crackdown against yoga guru Baba Ramdev on Wednesday evening. There was huge police presence all through the day at Rajghat as Anna accused the government of trying to discredit the Lokpal panel and threatened another fast.
Hazare's Rajghat fast has set another ultimatum to the government on the Lokpal Bill. He has demands a referendum on the anti corruption legislation.
Anna and company staged a day long fast at Rajghat on Wednesday even as Baba Ramdev’s fast entered day 4 in Haridwar. Ramdev got the first official support from the BJP with Sushma Swaraj travelling to Haridwar to express support for Ramdev.
Anna Hazare’s fast garnered huge public support with all Lokpal activists coming down hard against the government. Sushma Swaraj's public appearance with Ramdev allowed the Centre to accuse the civil society of conniving with the Opposition.
"There was a supari given by the government to kill me. But the person who was given the supari refused to take it," said Anna Hazare.
The other person on fast Baba Ramdev went to extent of threatening an armed rebellion next time. His threats being offered on a day when Sushma Swaraj was also present next to him.
"I am with Ramdev to assure him of our support," said Sushma Swaraj.
"Next time we will mobilise cadre with training in arms and ammunition, so that no one can beat us at Ramlila Maidan," said Baba Ramdev.
"We condemn the kind of language Ramdev is using. The government should look in to it whether it’s a crime or not," said Digvijay Singh.
The bigger challenge for the government will come if Ramdev doesn’t call off his fast soon. Having dealt with him firmly in the capital, the government will be forced to use the same yardstick even in Haridwar.

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