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India third 'snoopiest' country: Google Transparency Report

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While Google is blamed for supplying users' private information to the governments, the search engine giant also attempts to balance out by releasing a Transparency Report. The report reveals the countries and governments that request Google to remove content and get users' private data.

India takes the third spot on the list. India made 1,430 data requests to the search engine with 30 removal requests.

In its latest Transparency Report, Google says that content-removal requests vary from country to country, depending on local laws. While many requests are over alleged defamation, hate speech or pornography, Huffington Post points out there are many requests that are just 'snoopy'.

The list was topped by the United States that submitted over 4,000 requests.

Read more at: http://www.ndtv.com/article/technology/india-third-snoopiest-country-google-transparency-report-116783?cp

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