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Tahrir Square comes alive again as masses demand change

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Cairo:  Thousands of Egyptians converged on Cairo's Tahrir Square today to renew the demands of the January revolution and press for a quicker democratic change, making their anger evident against the slow pace of reform under the military regime.

The epicentre of the protests that led to the ouster of former president Hosni Mubarak came alive yet again as thousands descended at the square after Friday noon prayers to take part in a new million-man rally.

More than 23 political parties and groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood, have announced their support to the Friday protest.

Five months after a caretaker military-led government promised to bring about a democratic transition and bring to book the corrupt officials of the previous administration, many in Egypt believe that a number of demands of the revolution have not been met because of the absence of security and slow-paced trials of corrupt officials.

Among the key demands raised at today's protest are dissolution of the Egyptian Trade Union Federation, paying of compensations to the victims of the January crackdown and speeding up of procedures to return looted Egyptian funds.

They are also demanding that some clauses in the state budget be reconsidered, especially those related to the minimum and maximum limit of the wages.

"Our revolution continues," read one of the banners. The participants also demanded for a restructuring of the Interior Ministry and imposing of judicial and civil censorship on its performance, besides suspension from work of all officers charged with killing or attempting to kill protesters until their trials are over.

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