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Assange belongs in mental asylum, says angry Mayawati

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Lucknow: The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has said that either Julian Assange is mentally ill, or he is being used by Opposition parties to target her via WikiLeaks.

"We can make room for him in the Agra mental asylum," said Mayawati, a press conference today.

A series of diplomatic cables uploaded onto WikiLeaks say that the Americans believed that Mayawati functions as a dictator dogged with eccentric paranoia. It also claims that Mayawati's top aide Satish Mishra told US officials that the UP Chief Minister has a "penchant for personal corruption" and "a strong authoritarian streak".

Satish Mishra has denied meeting any US official in 2007 and plans to move court against what he calls a "conspiracy against BSP ahead of the 2012 polls."

One cable, dated October 2008, says that journalists and other people interviewed informally by American political officers in UP said that she had sent a private jet to Mumbai to bring back her preferred brand of sandals. (Read: WikiLeaks - Mayawati's 'eccentric paranoia') The same cable, sent when David Mulford was US Ambassador, said that many people recounted that Mayawati hired as many as nine cooks and two tasters to ensure her food was not poisoned.

Read more at: http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/assange-belongs-in-mental-asylum-says-angry-mayawati-131685

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